The Editorial That Never Was: Graham-Cassidy

As editorial editor for The New Paltz Oracle, I have to come up with weekly pieces taking a stance on one issue or another. I’d planned and written an editorial discussing the many problems with the Graham-Cassidy legislation, but when Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy decided not to take it to a vote earlier this week, I was forced to scrap the editorial and write something else. Not one to waste a perfectly good piece of writing, I present to you now an editorial that didn’t get a chance to see the light, simply because the GOP couldn’t wait another day or two to decide their bill was a hot mess.

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An Asexual Experience

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Perhaps I should’ve noticed something was off when I was in high school. I remember the distinct discomfort that ran through my bones whenever I would try to flirt with a girl. It wasn’t that I was necessarily poor with words — I have the best words — nor was I awkward around women. I did, however, feel as if my speech was hollow; that kind of socialization was almost mechanical to me, something I did because that’s what boys my age were supposed to do.

I had zero sexual interest in men, so I assumed I was heterosexual by default. It wasn’t until 2014 that I even realized that there were options beyond the three orientations — heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality — of which I was aware. During my annual checkup that year, I mentioned to the doctor my general lack of sexual attraction. There are many medical explanations for such a thing, including hypoactive sexual desire disorder and hypothyroidism, so I wanted to know for sure what was wrong with me. The doctor agreed to test for any possible medical explanations, but also offered up an alternative theory: I was asexual. When my hormone levels came back normal, asexuality clicked for me as an answer to my confusion.

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